VSAS faqs

What is VSAS?

VSAS is a standardized, online application for 4th year clinical away electives and provides:

  • A short, standardized application
  • A searchable database of electives
  • One location for all application materials
  • Tracking of application statuses
  • The ability to transmit supporting documentation

What happens if I want to apply to an elective outside VSAS?

There are a significant number of electives which are not in the VSAS system. If a student identifies such opportunities and arranges an elective, they must let their counselor know so that they can provide a letter of good standing and if a transcript is required please email April Mayweather at records@med.wayne.edu.

I need a letter of recommendation uploaded to my VSAS account, whom do I contact?

Once you identify your letter writer, please instruct them to send it to the following email to be uploaded: records@med.wayne.edu.

What information is verified by the VSAS Coordinator?

  • that you are in good standing
  • that you will be a 4th year for your elective start date
  • that you have been instructed on OSHA and HIPPA training
  • that you have  current BLS and ACLS training
  • that you have a completed mask fit
  • that you are taking electives for credit
  • that you will be covered by liability insurance $3,000,000 Aggregate and $1,000,000 Per Instance
  • that you have successfully completed each core clerkship and their corresponding dates
  • that you have met all immunization requirements
  • that you have completed a background check

How do I get a letter of good standing?

We verify that you are in good standing as a part of your VSAS verification.  If the program requires a separate letter, email records@med.wayne.edu with specific instructions from the program.

Who can sign my AAMC immunization form?

The form must be signed by your health care provider or Dr. Blessman at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Blessman's email is mdhealthrecords@wayne.edu.

Helpful resources

Help, I don't know what to do!!

Please send an email to records@med.wayne.edu and we will be happy to assist you.