Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check and Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry Check

  • As part of the admission process all entering students must pass a criminal background check prior to course registration in Year 1.
  • All enrolled 2nd and 4th Year students are required to complete and submit an attestation form certifying that they have not been convicted of a misdemeaner or felony.
  • Prior to course registration for Year 3, students are required to submit information for a criminal background check to be completed. Additionally, Year 3 students will be checked against the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR). Any student, who either self-reports a felony and/or one is revealed by the criminal background check, will follow the review process and will not be allowed to register for coursework until approval is granted by the department of Records and Registration. Any student who is on the PSOR list will be immediately removed from the clinical setting and placed on administrative leave until their enrollment status is determined.
  • Student's enrolled in courses held at Children's Hospital of Michigan will be required to submit to an additional Michigan Criminal Background check requested as requested by Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Certiphi Background Check Process

Student Type  Year 1 OMFS Rising Year 3 Rising Year 4
Cost $0 Cost to Student (AMCAS pays) $150 Cost to Student (Fee is Variable) $0 Cost to Student (WSU SOM pays)  ~$55 Cost to Student (Fee is Variable)
Purpose Background Screening & Certify Compliance  Background Screening & Certify Compliance  Recertify Compliance  Background Screening & Certify Compliance for AWAY Electives
Responsible Office           SOM Admissions  SOM Admissions  SOM Records & Registration SOM Records & Registration
To be Completed    August 1 - July 1 August 1 - July 1 February 1 - April 1 March 1 - March 1

Please note: Background Checks must be completed prior to matriculation and course registration