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*Please Note: Gallagher Student Health website is now live for M2-M4 students ONLY. Incoming M1 students will have access to the website following registration. M1 students, please do not attempt to enroll or waive until you receive an email that the website has gone live for your class.

All medical students are required to maintain adequate health insurance as a condition of their enrollment in medical school. 

Following the lead of many other medical schools across the country, the medical school has negotiated two comprehensive group health plans on behalf of our students and has made it mandatory at a reasonable price. These policies provided through Blue Care Network (HMO) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (PPO) are mandatory because we believe them to be the best value available in terms of the benefits package for the premium charged. 

The benefits have been adjusted each year to meet the needs of students based on student input through the Student Senate. The benefits include adult immunizations approved by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All students will be enrolled in the Blue Care Network/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Group Health Benefits Plans unless they are eligible for a waiver. Our insurance broker is Michael Vincent and our Coordinator for Affiliation Agreements & Health Insurance is Shanae Pruitt. 

Health Insurance Payments 

Wayne State University School of Medicine requires medical students to maintain adequate health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. Health insurance premium payments are accepted and processed by Gallagher Student Health. Gallagher Student Health is a third-party insurance processor operating under an agreement with WSUSOM and BCBMS/BCN to process electronic insurance enrollments and premium payments for student health insurance. Insurance payments are submitted directly to BCBSM/BCN via the WSUSOM Gallagher Student Health website

Health Insurance Waivers 

Students may waive out of enrolling in student health insurance if they provide proof of other adequate health coverage outside of the university's health plans. Medical students are required to submit waiver applications once annually and whenever they experience changes in their insurance coverage.

Waiver applications are to be completed via the Gallagher Student Health website.

Waiver Options:

Please Note: Individual and/or private health plans are not a viable waiver option.

To register for medical school you must have the enrollment forms or waiver application completely filled out and signed at the time of registration. 

Disability Insurance Payments 

The School of Medicine requires medical students to maintain disability insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment with Wayne State University School of Medicine. All medical students must purchase the school's disability insurance coverage annually regardless of whether they receive other disability insurance coverage through their healthcare provider. Disability insurance premium payments are accepted and processed by CASHNet Smartpay. CASHNET Smartpay is a third-party payment processor operating under an agreement with Wayne State University to process electronic payments on your behalf. 

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Urgent Care Center Options 

Download urgent care site locations spreadsheet*

*Always check with your insurance provider to ensure coverage at any urgent care site. Please review the additional insurance information below.

In-Network versus Out-of-Network

In-Network: A doctor, hospital or other provider accepts your health insurance plan. These providers, also known as "participating providers," agree to accept the amount approved by your insurance provider for a service. For example, if a physician charges $100 for a service and your insurer's approved amount for that service is $70, you would save a total amount of $30 for that service.

Out-of-Network: A doctor, hospital or other provider does not accept your health insurance plan. These providers will not accept your insurer's approved amount for services and you will be responsible for paying the difference between your plan's approved amount and the provider's full charge for services rendered.

Deductible: The amount you pay for health care services before your health insurance begins to pay. For example, if your plan's deductible is $300, you would pay health care expenses totaling $300 before your insurer would begin submitting payment for health services.

How to Find an In-Network provider: If you are enrolled in Wayne State University School of Medicine's student health coverage, use the "Find a Doctor" tool on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Blue Care Network website. For students enrolled in coverage outside of the student health plans, please contact your insurance provider to inquire about in-network providers. Please Note: Regardless of your health insurance plan, it is always best practice to contact a provider and inquire if they accept your insurance prior to receiving any service if this information is not readily available to you.

Immunizations/In network vs out of network information

Contact Information

Insurance Plan Administrator  
Phone: (855) 669-8041

Coordinator II
Shanae Pruitt
Phone: (313) 577-3741

Insurance Broker  
Michael Vincent 
Phone: (517) 282-3535