Requests and Processing Time

Request    Processing Time
Change of Information (Address, SSN, Name) 5 business days
Ceritify M.D. Completion 5 business days
Clinical Scheduling M3 The Lottery is open for 5 business days. Students have 10 business days from close of lottery to request changes"
Clinical Scheduling M4  Students have up to 30 business days prior to the start of the course to request course changes. Students will be notified of change approvals 3 weeks after submission. 
Criminal Background Checks Individual Requests: 3 weeks Rising Year 3 (batch requests): 5 weeks
Re-ordering Diploma 6 weeks
Drop - or - Add Enrollment 7 business days
Enrollment Verification   5 business days 
Grades (posting grades or grade corrections)  Y1 - grades are posted to the record within 1 business day of receipt. 
Grades (posting grades or grade corrections)  Y2 - grades are posted to the record within 2 business days of receipt. 
Grades (posting grades or grade corrections)  Y3 & Y4 - grades are posted to the record within 5 business days of receipt. 
Graduation Application Process 1 business day to process December graduate applications. 14 business days to process June graduate applications. 
Medical Licensure and Credentialing Requests 5 business days
NBME Certification of Enrollment and Graduation Dates 5 business days 
Promotions Processing 7 business days
Record Maintenance (Ex., Returning Student, Modified)  5 business days 
Residency Classification  3 business days for SoM Records to complete their review and forward to main campus Office of Registrar
Student Directory Information 7 business days
Transcript Request 5 business days
VSAS (grant authorization to application site and certify docs such as transripts, immunization records, photo) 7 business days
Withdrawal From School 2 business days