Assessment of tuition and fees


Per Credit Hour Assessments

Students are assessed a flat rate tuition for 10 credits or more during each 3 month term and fees are based on a per credit hour system.


Payment Due Dates

An updated list of the School of Medicine eBill schedule and payment dates can be found here

Students approved by the Financial Aid Office will have a disbursement near the beginning of each 3 month term. Students on scholarship are responsible at the time of registration for paying all assessments NOT covered by the scholarship. Students are responsible for monitoring and accepting scholarships and all financial aid packages.

When completing registration for the academic term, students become financially responsible for payment of all applicable fees by the published due dates and must sign-off on a Promissory Note. Payments not received by the due dates are subject to collection, attorney, and litigation costs as well. Students should familiarize themselves with their electronic bill (eBill) including billing and payment dates.


Tuition Cancellation Guidelines

The following tuition cancellation guidelines will apply for students who drop courses. The deadlines are relative to the scheduled first session of the course, where "Week 1" refers to the first week of the course. Courses dropped by the deadlines will receive 100% tuition cancellation, and 0% tuition cancellation thereafter. For leaves of absence, the start date of the leave (and the date of last attendance) will determine the date of the course was dropped. For dismissals and withdrawals, the date of the dismissal (or withdrawal) determines the date the course was dropped.

Length of Course Weeks Refund Grade Received
12 weeks Week 1-2 100% Tuition Course Removed from Transcript
  Weeks 3-12 0% Tuition Receive "W" Grade


Length of Course Weeks Refund Grade Received
6 weeks Week 1 100% Tuition Course Removed from Transcript
  Week 2-6 0% Tuition Receive "W" Grade


Length of Course Weeks Refund Grade Received
4 weeks* Week 1-4 0% Refund Receive "W" Grade

* You must drop a 4-week course prior to the  first day of class to receive a refund

To view course specific drop and withdrawal dates please follow the following instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on "Browse Classes"
3. Select Term
4. Select the year of medical school in the "Subject" field
5. Scroll through results and find your class
6. Click on title of course
7. View drop and withdrawal information on the bottom right of your screen


Special Adjustments and Appeals

The Registrar of the university is authorized to make adjustments in the application of tuition assessments when unusual circumstances warrant per university policies. Circumstances which may warrant special tuition cancellation are a complete withdrawal for medical reasons, or serious illness or death of an immediate family member. Tuition cannot be cancelled for insufficient funds, undocumented reasons, or reasons within the control of the student. Students who wish to have their requests reviewed must submit a written request to the Registrar, School of Medicine, 318 Mazurek Medical Education Commons, 320 E. Canfield, Detroit, MI 48201. Please provide a comprehensive statement of the facts and a complete description of the resolution you are requesting.


Assessment for Repeated Coursework

Students who are allowed to repeat coursework will be assessed $2,500 for each repeated course or the per-credit hour fee for courses less than $2,500. Year 3 students will have their assessment reduced if only required to repeat a portion of the clerkship. Students will be placed on financial aid probation and the eligibility for federal financial aid will be determined per the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.


Residency Classification 

Wayne State University School of Medicine uses information from your AMCAS application along with the Board of Governors' Code Annotated to determine your residency classification for tuition purposes. Students can apply for a classification review once they are registered.