VSLO for WSU Students

Best Practices

  • Complete a Home Course Rotation and Step 2 before applying for an Away Elective
  • Target a maximum of 4 Host Institutions and a maximum of 3 to 5 Applications per Host
  • Do not schedule Away Electives during Interview Months
  • Plan on giving 110% and 100% Attendance during your rotation
  • Most Away Elective Applications are in July, August, January and February
  • Many Host Institutions want to see a Personal Statement or Statement of Interest in Profile
  • Have a Back-up Plan

1. Access to the VSLO Application Service

You will be invited by your Home Institution before you may access the VSLO Application Service. If you have used other AAMC services (AMCAS, MCAT, etc.), you will then sign into the VSLO Application Service with your AAMC Account Username and Password. Otherwise, you will be able to create an AAMC Account.

Complete Your Profile

Once your create your VSLO Account, you will Create your Profile and provide your Personal and Academic Information through the VSLO Application Service, including Contact and Biographical Information.

Upload Your Documents

Upload any required documentation by a Host Institution (Photo, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Good Standing, CV, Immunizations Records, and Supplemental Documentation). Assign these documents to a specific Host Institution or Elective Application accordinlgy. Your school is responsible for uploading your Official Transcript after you have completed your entire application.

Review Host Institution Information

Review General Information about each participating Host Institution and their Key Application dates and fees (Each Host Institution may have different requirements).

Search For and Save Electives

Use the Elective Search to find Elective opportunities based on, but not limited to, Specialty, Host Institution, and Geographic Location. You may then view the Description, Application Requirements, and Available Dates for each Elective. You may also save theEelectives in which you are interested for future consideration.

2. Submit Your Application

Acknowledge Applicant Agreement

Students must agree to the terms and conditions that govern their use of the VSLO Application Service, including truthfulness in their application materials, release of personal information, and acknowledgment that they must remain engaged and responsive during the Elective Application Process.

Complete Host Requirements

Requirements vary between Host Institutions and the Electives for which you are Applying. You will fulfill all requirements within the VSLO Application Service as you submit your elective requests

Pay Application Service Fee

Students will pay a $40 USD base fee which includes up to three electives (to any institution; in the U.S. or Global Network) and any quantity of elective dates. Additional electives are $15 USD each.

3. After Submitting Your Application

Home Institution Reviews Applications

Once you have submitted your Applications, your Home Institution will verify information about you and fulfill any additional Host requirements before releasing the application to Host Institutions for review.

Track Your Application

You can easily track the status of your applications are they move through the VSLO Application Service.  For example, you can view if your application is Pending Release by your Home Institution or if it is Awaiting Review by a Host Institution.

Resubmit a Requirement

If necessary, a Host Institution may request you resubmit a fulfilled requirement. After receiving an email notification you would resubmit the requirement through the Tracking Area of the VSLO Application Service.

Withdraw or Reinstate Your Application

If you have submitted an Application and are no longer interested in the Elective, you can Withdraw your application. If you change your mind and the elective and date are still available, you can reinstate your application and it will continue through the Application Process.

Accept, Decline, or Drop an Offer

You may Accept or Decline offers received from Host Institutions. It is important to respond to an offer within the time allotted to ensure the Host Institution can prepare for your visit. It is possible to Drop an accepted offer if circumstances no longer allow you to attend the elective opportunity.

Complete Post-Decision Requirements

While you will submit some requirements with your Application request, Host Institutions may also require additional "post-decision" requirements be submitted only if you accept their Elective Offer. When applicable, the VSLO Application Service will guide you through the process of fulfilling and submitting these requirements for the Host to review. Some examples of post-decision requirements may include, but are not limited to, a copy of your Passport, Immunization Records, or proof of HIPAA Training.